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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Your children when they come back

As your children spend time with the other parent you start to wonder what there up to and if there happy or not. When the day comes for you to pic them up they run into your arms and give you the biggest hug. Everything seems great until you notice the sunburn, and that they are constantly scratching there head. When you get home you find they are riddled with nits and they have a bad sunburn. There hair was never brushed or nether was there teeth. You wonder how you could have let your children stay with such slobs. You start to think on how you can not let them back there for fear that this will happen again. What can you do when there is court orders and it states that the other parent has that certain time. If anyone else has had this happen please feel free to comment and share your view. Being a parent means you keep your kids healthy clean and safe. not the other way around.

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