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Monday, September 26, 2011


As fathers our rights

Well in Australia the term "child custody" has been changed to a better sounding "lives with" or "spends time with". Let Australia's politicians know what the overwhelming majority of Australians want. Sign the petition and state your support for a legislated presumption of 50/50 joint residence (equal parenting) in the event of separation, as a starting point. The link :

Current Number of Signatures: 6049

Australians Overwhelmingly Support Equal Parenting. On average, 80% to 90% of Australian believe that there should be a legislated presumption of 50/50 shared residence, in the event of separation. Its the numbers that show the truth and that more of Australia wants fathers to have up to 50/50 time with there kids. It is also funny that it can take a long time to get into court for a father. First there is mediation which in no case ever fair unless the other party agrees with you and it just seems to be a way to suspend things or hold things off. If people agreed on what they wanted then they wouldn't be there in the first place. Secondly if the father hasn't got the kids at the start and then decides that he wants them for a majority of the time he then has to either try and organise with the mother and be civil and if that doesn't work apply for mediation that can take anywhere from 6 months too 3 months depending on waiting lists. During that time if there is no orders in place at all then the mother can easily say no and the father will not be able to see the kids until they have been to mediation. that way something is written up and can be followed. Even then its not promised until it has been to court and signed and sealed. As drastic measures i had read is that a father had kept his kids after she had told him that it would be the last time he would have any contact with them until it had gone through court. therefore she applied for a recovery order for the children. Little did she no that a quick set of orders were made that the father could see the kids every second weekend and call them every 3rd day. This way he still had time with the kids until it goes to court and he fights for the time that he wants. Smart i do say but it shouldn't be this way. Kids a not pawns in life, they are not money trees, they are not some part of furniture that people can pass off when they don't want them. They are our kids and people just like you and me. I will be posting more stories and my opinion as i read them but please don't forget to sign the petition above. Thanks everyone and stay tuned

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